Boat Maintenance and Repairs Services Phoenix, AZ

Westside Marine Offers Scheduled Boat Maintenance, Repairs, and Custom Install of Slides, Diving Boards & More!

Being a boat owner isn’t easy work, let’s admit it. One second you are having the time of your life, flying through the air, skipping off the water on your wakeboard; the next second you’re listening to a service alarm beep just loud enough to turn the whole mood sour. We understand that not everyone has the ability or time to service their own watercraft, so let us figure it all out for you.

Repairing engines on aluminum boats , The technician is removing the boat parts to make the paint

Routine Services

100-hour service

100-hour service (on most watercraft) Please keep in mind, that each watercraft is different; prices can vary based on your boat’s engineering. Our 100-hour boat service is a general outline of what you can expect for fees.

100 hour service

Motor Oil | Lower Unit Oil |
Fuel & Oil Filter Replacement | Full Inspection | Check for Codes if Applicable | Grease All Fittings on Boat & Trailer | Tire Trailer Inspection | Bearing Inspection | Lubrication of Hinges, Latches, and Any Moving Parts

300-hour service

300-hour service (on most watercraft). The 300-hour service schedule includes all the same services your receive for the recommended 100-hour boat service schedule plus a fully comprehensive maintenance appointment which includes the list outlined. Please keep in mind, that each watercraft is different; prices can vary based on your boat’s engineering. Our 300-hour service is a general outline of what you can expect for fees.

*extra fee for ignition coil where applicable

300 Hour Service


100 Hour Services plus:
Water Pump Service (varies per boat) | Zinc Tabs if Applicable | Thermostat Replacement | Anodes | Impeller & Impeller Seals Plus Housings | Spark Plugs (or ignition coils*) | Belt Replacement if Applicable

Individual Routine Service

Call for specific quotes

Individual Service Hourly Rate


For Example:
Single Oil Changes | Spark Plug Replacement Only | O2 Sensors | Prop Replacement

Custom Work

Need a diving board installed? We can do that. A Bimini ripped? We can fix that too. Westside Marine can complete your custom job in a timely manner and get your boat back on the water from repairs, upgrades, and more!

*Call for specific quotes

Custom Repairs & Installations


For Example:
Fiberglass Work | Gel Coat | Diving Board or Slide Installations | Upholstery Repairs | Bimini Repairs or Custom Bimini Shades

Quality Boat Repair Service Near Phoenix, AZ

Owning a watercraft vehicle means ensuring that it is always in perfect working order so that you can protect your investment while having the opportunity to go on your next adventure. Westside Marine is your expert in boat maintenance in Phoenix, AZ, offering a wide range of services for marine repair and maintenance that you can count on. From boat Bimini and gel coat repair to marine upholstery repair & replacement and boat engine maintenance, we ensure that you are always ready to get back out onto the water in style.

We Specialize in Fiberglass Boat Repair and Maintenance

At Westside Marine, we offer our Phoenix, AZ clients a range of options when it comes to repair and maintenance for their watercraft of any style and size. Our service options cater for 100 and 300-hour services, including boat motor oil maintenance, bearing inspections, and more, and we also offer individual routine service options for the replacement of spark plugs and O2 sensors. Need custom work? Our experienced team has you covered. Add that diving board or ask us about custom Bimini shades so that you can go out on the water in style.

Call Us Today to Learn More About Marine Boat Upholstery Repair & Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Have your boat serviced in style in Phoenix, AZ with the team at Westside Marine. With options to cater to any need you have, we can have you out on the water with confidence. Find out more by calling us at (602) 354-3240.

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Highest Quality Drive Train Lubricants/Fluids | OEM or trusted High Quality Replacement Parts for Repairs

Routine Service and Maintenance

Routine Service and Maintenance

As demand soars through the roof, and supplies are limited, Westside Marine is currently offering routine service and maintenance for your watercraft.

  • Oil Changes
  • Lower Unit Service
  • Engine Tuning
  • Wiring Applications
  • Fuel Filters, Drive Belts & Serpentine
  • Path “accessories”
  • Bilge Pumps, Blowers and Any Other parts Considered to be “Maintenance.”
  • Prop Replacement

*Call for more information for any services not listed

Service Today!

Get your boat serviced now, not weeks from now. With our huge facility we are able to accommodate customers right away to schedule your maintenance and repairs faster.

We hope to offer bigger mainline repairs such as engine replacements as parts start to become more available. With supply chain shortages currently affecting the marine sector, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to source parts from whole engines, to the bearings needed to rebuild them. For the time being, we are refraining from such repairs.
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